What we treat

Sports Therapy aims to return you to your chosen activity, pain free, as quickly and safely as possible.  It can also be used to support active people and keep them injury free.  This is achieved by hands-on treatment, education and when appropriate, home rehab exercises.

Massage can address chronic and acute pain conditions in all populations, and treatments can be tailored to your specific needs and presenting symptoms.

Scarwork is a gentle hands-on therapy that works on & around post-operative, post-accident or post injury scars to ease associated restrictions in movement, altered sensations and feelings of tightness.

Reflexology & Ayurvedic Face massage are holistic treatments that aim to relax and give you the essential time-out from busy schedules in order to unwind and rejuvenate.

Some conditions that may benefit from our treatments include; Postural tension patterns, back ache, ligament sprain, muscle strain, RSI, emotional tension, high stress levels, sporting injuries, headaches and neck pain.


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